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Re: [IP] Sammi's Range

> > When I was getting stressed over this, one of the things my endo did was
> > broaden my target range...instead of 80-130, which is what I had been
> > for, he had me use 100-200 for a while.
> Just curious if you're still using that range, or if you've narrowed,
> and if so, what's your range now????
> Reason I ask is that my goal range is pretty much 100 - 200, I think
> primarily because I hate hypos so much and I'm really trying to avoid
> them.
> What are people goals in general, and what do YOU think is a reasonable
> goal?

Good Morning!

When I'm having a "non-eating" day (some days I just catch a bit of food
here & there instead of regular meals, & am very active), I pretty much
stick with 80-160.  If it's over 160 & I'm not close to a meal/snack bolus,
I'll do a correction to pull me under 160.  I was diagnosed at 177, so
something in me doesn't like the idea of calling the 170 area "okay"!  :o)

On regular days that include breakfast, lunch, & dinner, I am pretty
comfortable with 100-200...the higher end numbers might show up an hour or
two after eating, & then they disappear again.  Since I am more relaxed
about it than I was before, the high numbers don't show up nearly so often -
& when they do, I can then treat them as a truer sign that something is
wrong, like a set gone bad, kinked canula, etc.  Like I said to Gina, you
can't expect this to work as an exact science, or you'll make yourself
crazy, & then create a vicious circle wherein your numbers are all over the
place because of the stress...& the weather, & the phase of the moon, & a
hundred other things!

When I do work toward pregnancy, I will be looking at a lower target range -
that's not in the works for the next year or so, so at this point I'm kind
of with you I think at around 100-200 for the most part.  My endo is really
happy with my current management - & more importantly, so am I!

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