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[IP] Things we've learned after first month of pumping

Hi all!  Kathleen (my 7 year old) has been on the H-tron for a month now. 
Thought I'd pass on 2 points that were important to us, and maybe save 
another new pumper
some trouble.

First, I'd posted a question on how people keep the sets from coming out.  
Got lots of great answers, but we still had problems.  My pump trainer 
finally asked me step by step how I prepped the site.  Turned out, I was not 
cleaning the emla numbing cream off well enough!  (Duh!) I had been wiping 
with a tissue, then using IV Prep, then inserting.  She told me to use 3 
tissues, then 3 separate alcohol wipes, then the IV Prep.  This worked a lot 
better!  Still, using the soft-sets, water would get under the holding tape 
while Kathleen was in the shower.  Today we finally tried Mastisol liquid 
adhesive after the alcohol wipes, in place of the IV Prep, under the whole 
tape area.  Looks like it should stick fine.  (We went under the whole tape 
area, because Kathleen's skin was reacting a bit from the tape. Our endo 
nurse thought the Mastisol would act as a barrier and actually help protect 
the skin.)  We're also trying all the different tapes, trial and error.  I 
have of course the IV3000 and bumpy tape that comes in the set, plus samples 
of OP-SITE and polyskin (spelling?). 

Item # 2 - We're kind of new at the whole diabetes thing, (diagnosed last 
summer).  I just discovered a great benefit for getting supplies.  I had been 
getting insulin, needles, strips, etc., from a local and mail-in pharmacy 
service, with a co-pay each time.  When it was my first time to renew our 
pump supplies, I thought I'd have to call Disetronic for cartridges, Mini-med 
for sets, and continue with the pharmacies for the other items.  Turns out 
our BS/BC PPO plan had "Durable Medical Equipment" preferred providers in our 
book of providers.  I called a few, and found one that will get us ALL our 
diabetes supplies, including prescriptions, mail them to our door, and accept 
for payment what our insurance provides, with no out of pocket expenses to 
us! WOW!  

Thought I'd pass this along, as it took me over 6 months to stumble onto it 

We're looking forward to completing our initial adjustments, and for all of 
this pump stuff becoming routine!  Thanks to the list for all your help!

Jeanne, Mom of Kathleen, 7, dx'd 7/00 and pumping since 1/16/01,  Amanda 10, &
Wife of Bill, from sunny South Florida.
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