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[IP] Re: Concern about meters and reliability

I recently learnt something interesting about meters and readings...

        We started with a Glucometer Elite for my young daughter.  Had it 
tested against the Lab a couple of times and it was very, very close to the 
lab result.  It gave me great confidence.  
    Later, when we were going to live overseas I bought a second Elite to 
have a back-up meter.  Tested it against meter number 1 and it was 30% 
higher.  I phoned Bayer and they send me another meter.  Same thing, it read 
30% higher than meter number 1.  Again phoned Bayer, and rep questioned the 
accuracy of meter number 1, but I was confident, so she sent out a third new 
meter.  This one came in fairly close, about 7% different.  Rep asked that I 
send the other 2 meters back to the company.  I was a bit annoyed about all 
the strips I had to use in testing those meters and sent the meters back COD 
to Bayer, and then moved overseas. 
    Well, 2 years later we return to Canada and find that the meters are back 
with my pile of built up mail, apparently Bayer  didn't want to pay the COD 
charges (?).  So I now had 4 Glucometer Elite meters, 2 of which I don't 
trust, and the Dex meter I brought back from overseas.
    I decide to test all these meters in a different manner from finger 
pricks.  So when Claire was next in having blood taken from her arm, the 
technician gives me a nice big drop of blood from the vein and I proceed to 
test 3 meters, which previously all read quite differently.
    Guess what??  All 3 meters are almost identical !!  The diabetes nurse 
couldn't believe this story, but I realized there is just something about 
finger pricks that produces a lot of variation.  So now I just use all 3 
meters and try not to worry about any differences.  I had wisely read in the 
past to use your bg readings from home meters as a guide only.  But I do 
realize how difficult it is when you are making insulin adjustments based on 
these readings.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, hoping to be pumping soon
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