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[IP] Sammi's Range

Vixen wrote:
> When I was getting stressed over this, one of the things my endo did was
> broaden my target range...instead of 80-130, which is what I had been aiming
> for, he had me use 100-200 for a while.  

Just curious if you're still using that range, or if you've narrowed,
and if so, what's your range now????

Reason I ask is that my goal range is pretty much 100 - 200, I think
primarily because I hate hypos so much and I'm really trying to avoid

The other reason is cause I'm NOT trying to get pregnant (53rd BD in 2
weeks), and I run low A1c's no matter what (even though it's not proven
that A1c correlates 100% with glycation of other tissues).

What are people goals in general, and what do YOU think is a reasonable
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