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[IP] the Nerve of some people

Ok, this is a petty vent, but to me very annoying..
 I work at Cinnabon, we close at 9:30 pm and
everything has to be out fo the oven at 9 pm..well I
get this customer at 9:25...she wants a
minibon...we're out, but we have big ones..she goes my
sugar, I need sugar...so I go are you diabetic? she
goes, yes, yes, that's it....and I can't eat a big one
(so why not only eat part!) and she is like can't you
make me a little one..hun, it takes an hour to roll,
proof and bake... I go, guess what, I'm diabetic too,
and if you really are low, you don't want a cinnabon
with so much fat b/c it will delay absorption and
won't raise you, and I'd be more than happy to GIVE
you regular soda right now, since that is the only
food we have that owuld help..she hated that idea nad
ignored me..asked for a manager..he knew she was
lying...but she finally bought a cinnabon...grrrr!!!
then, I go do you want a bag?? yes...and I couldnt'
resist, if you're diabetic and low, shouldn't you eat
now? not get a bag to take it home??( she said she was
taking it home).... she says she'll eat it with the
 GRRRRRR!! She was not diabetic..I should've said I
have a meter if you want to check! all she wanted was
a special made cinnabon for her and didn't even know
the word diabetic till I opened my mouth...nor did she
care to listen about cinnabons and lows.. I have never
had a customer like that..normally they go I shoudln't
eat this, I'm diabetic but do anyway...I personally
won't even butt in line at school when my bg is 30 and
I need food right away...I figure if I pass out then
they'll know why..come on, some stupid lady FAKING
diabetes to get her way, which was impossible..that
makes me sick!

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