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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger/Thumb Question

> Is there anything I could be doing (while I wait a few weeks to see the
> specialist) to lessen the discomfort?
> and Is there anything I could be doing to bring the swelling of the tendon
> down?  (any special creams?)
> Right now, my doc thinks that they are going to operate  - has anyone else
> had this done?


Sorry for taking so long to reply...my "getting caught up" skills are really
lax right now!  I had trigger thumb over this past summer & fall - had a
cortisone shot for it in November (which eased it a lot, but my bg numbers
skyrocketed for several days), then surgery in December.  The surgery was
very simple & painless, & I'm SO glad I got it done!!

While I was waiting for the surgery to be scheduled, the doctor told me to
use warm heat on it when it hurt or had a particularly stiff "snappy" day, &
to try paraffin baths.  Paraffin wax bath setups are now available at places
like Wal-mart, & might be a good investment for anyone with trigger problems
or stiff joints...very soothing.

Hope it all goes well for you!
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