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Gina, Sam was right on in his answer to you.  Portable home meters 
typically have about an accuracy of 15%.  This means that if your BG 
really is 120, your meter might read  between 138 and 102.  Not just 
the fasttake ultra, but most ANY meter.  That's why it is impossible 
to achieve such tight control as some try to do.  Yes, unfortunately 
sometimes you will have to bolus that extra 0.5 U if the meter reads 
a bit high.  Then if that drops you 25 to 95, and then next time the 
error is on the low side, you could read about 80.  Don't be so 
nervous.   That's the way it is .  If you don't like it, you cold try 
more professional nonportable meters.  But that's a big price to pay. 
and you can use one finger if you just get a big drop of blood.  Just 
leave it on the finger until the next check.  BG won't change in 
blood over the course of a few min.      Relax-- don't try to control 
yourself with any degree of precision greater than the variability in 
the meter you use.  Raise your ideal BG 10 mg/dl higher if you're 
really worried.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ok, i got an ultra meter today and for some reason 
i'm just not comfortable
with it.... i guess i have to adapt my mind to thinking it's okay...... but
this is my worry:
i decided to do a couple tests right after each other in separate fingers as
recommended...... this is what i got, all within ONE MINUTE of each other:
119, 126, 111, 137, 115, 111, 116
now, in my opinion, 111 to 137 is a BIG difference (26 points)..... for
someone who is testing for carb ratios and adjustment ratios, this can cause
someone to give an extra half unit or something as it would me....... maybe
even more for others!
so again, how many of you are comfortable using the new Ultra machine and how
many of you use the Fast Take???????????
thanks...... and also, do you think this is normal or have you experienced
the same things??????  i'm just a bit nervous!!!!!!
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