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 i thought it was okay until
> i had five reactions in a row this morning every half hour!!!!!!!!!!  then
> one time it said 210 and the next time it said 157> !


What range are you trying to maintain?  When I moved from two standard daily
shots to MDI several years ago, & I realized I could get tighter control, I
got kind of obsessive about it - I was so determined then to have PERFECT
control that I was testing constantly, & not allowing for some of the
natural variation that is going to occur just because this is a human body.
While your meter may be a culprit here in giving you different numbers,
please know that it is indeed "normal" to have differing numbers, sometimes
from one finger to the next, or even from one drop of blood to the
next...you will make yourself a nervous wreck if you fight to have the same
result from one test to the next, even if they are done side-by-side.  This
is not an exact science, & we can't make it into one.  What we can do is use
the tools we have (which are WAY better than they used to be!) to improve
our care & control.

When I was getting stressed over this, one of the things my endo did was
broaden my target range...instead of 80-130, which is what I had been aiming
for, he had me use 100-200 for a while.  While the 200 might sound high, it
stopped me from correcting so much...as I stopped doing that (& realized
also that these numbers are just a gauge, not an earth-shattering
pass-or-fail test), the stress went down & guess what?  So did the numbers
caused by my stressing over it.  I also was told to stop testing so much!
That may not come across as sound medical advice - but it was, given the
amount of time & attention I was focusing on it.  He also really pushed to
me the fact that EVERYONE has fluctuations, sometimes wide ones, that depend
upon a hundred different factors...we can't control or predict them all, so
we've got to accept that perfect numbers are not the realistic goal...better
ones are, & the better feeling overall that comes with them.

If you have a new meter on the way, great.  Until it gets here, see if you
can get yourself to use the old one, & in the meanwhile do something that
will take your mind off of it...read a book you've been meaning to, finger
paint, take a bubble bath (you may need it after the finger-painting), watch
a favorite movie (NOT Steel Magnolias!  :o)  ), write a letter to someone
who has inspired you & thank them for it, go outside for a walk & howl at
the moon...just DON'T sit there & stress out as you test & re-test!

I'm known for being long-winded (I haven't written much lately, to keep
everyone's e-mail from getting majorly bogged down!), so I'll throw three
final suggestions at you & send.
1) Find something to creatively inspire you (ever read a Sark book?)
2) Limit your testing when it becomes stressful - if you trust your old
meter, USE it for now, & go with the number it gives you.  Treat if needed,
& go on to something else.
3) Get a copy of the ADA book "Meditations on Diabetes" by Catherine
Feste...it's full of very good calming "reality checks" about the diabetic
life, & makes me smile no matter what page I open it to.  I've found myself
in there more than once, & I've come away really liking the other people &
perspectives I find there as well...it can make a difference.

Brightest Blessings,
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