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[IP] re: concern about Ultra meter

Gina, when you took insulin by injection you probably took 0.5 units more or less than you thought you
had simply because it is impossible to measure a perfectly accurate dose when using syringes. Thinking of
it that way might not make it perfect, but makes it more acceptable perhaps.
I just got an Ultra, haven't used it yet cuz I only have the 10 strips that came with it. I've loved my
Fast Take and am looking forward to the smaller blood drop required for the Ultra. But mostly, I  am
looking forward to a test that is done in 5 seconds. Size and speed are my 2 meter shopping criteria that
are second only to accuracy. I suspect all of the available meters are roughly equivalent as far as
accuracy though I know many disagree.

> i'll drive myself nuts with all of this.....LOL   i guess i'm used to my
> profile which i also ran tests on and came out with 98, 96, 97, 101, 97.....
> those made me more comfortable...... but then again, they say the plasma
> meters are closer to lab results...... the only thing that worries me is what
> if one day i'm trying to set some ratios and i get a reading out of the
> norm......... 25 pt difference would cause me to bolus .5 units!  that kinda
> scares me.........
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