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Re: [IP] Input on deciding which pump to choose

Sylvia said:

>   There are 3000+ members on this list now and you will get 3000+
reasons why
> each pump is the best!!!  The best way to see is to ask for a loaner
> Disetronics and MiniMed (Animas does not do loaners yet!) and try them
> for yourself using saline.  Get all of the info packets, videos, and
> read all 3000+ recommendations that you will get from this list.  Don't
> forget to get the info from Animas, even though you can't 'try' it like
> others.  Getting a pump is like buying a car...personal preference.

You CAN test the Animas pump.  Call 1 877-YES-PUMP to get the rep. for
your area.  I test drove an Animas for a week and then kept it another
week while I was testing a Disetronic pump.  This extended loan enabled me
to directly contrast the pumps over a period of time.  My Animas rep was
very accomodating and perhaps a small part of the reason that I ended up
choosing this model.  But like Sylvia said, it is a personal preference.
Testing them out is the best way to make an informed decision for

--Richard Seyler (now waiting for the inusurance co. to agree with me)
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