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In a message dated 2/23/01 11:45:59 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The mean for all of those tests is 119. The deviation from the mean 
> for the 111 an 137 is just under 15% -- and for all execpt the 
> reading of 137, under 9%. That is quite acceptable for product like 
> this. It may not be ideal, but it's a heck of a lot better than the 

well just now my first reading was 209 which was quite surprising so i tested 
again and guess what it said.......... 160!  that's quite a big difference.  
i did three more tests after that and they were all within one or two points 
of the 160 which is fine....... the pattern i'm seeing is that my first 
reading on the Ultra is always way way off, just like the high one yesterday. 
 then they seem okay, but i am not going to test twice every time i want to 
test my sugar.
i called Life Scan again and they are sending me a new meter..... if this one 
does the same thing, i refuse to use it...... seems my archaic one touch 
profile gives me the most consistent results.....maybe i'll just have to 
unfortunately stick with that.  i cant have these variances when i'm trying 
to figure out ratios!!!!!!!!  that 45 point difference would have caused me 
to bolus a unit...... which is fine cuz it was high.  but if i were 150 on my 
first reading and took that and did an adjustment bolus, i would have ran 
into trouble if i were, in fact, only 100!!!!!!!!  this is just crazy!!!!  
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