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Re: [IP] Pizza Bolus (POLL)

   There are probably as many ways of dealing with pizza as there are 
varieties of pizza! LOL....What works for may 18 yr old daughter is to bolus 
the requisite "guesstimated" total # of carbs after she finishes eating ( 
that's just how she idiosyncratically does her boluses), then set a temp 
babsal for about 60% more basal for the next 4 hours. With her 508 pump, I 
know she can also do a dual wave bolus, but since my understanding of the 
mechanics of this is NIL, I'm not certain which method she uses. Nonetheless, 
the bottom line is that she knows she needs additional insulin for hours 
after the meal ended with pizza, and also with Chinese food.
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom)
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