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Re: [IP] Input on deciding which pump to choose


  There are 3000+ members on this list now and you will get 3000+ reasons why 
each pump is the best!!!  The best way to see is to ask for a loaner from 
Disetronics and MiniMed (Animas does not do loaners yet!) and try them out 
for yourself using saline.  Get all of the info packets, videos, and yes, 
read all 3000+ recommendations that you will get from this list.  Don't 
forget to get the info from Animas, even though you can't 'try' it like the 
others.  Getting a pump is like buying a car...personal preference.

  My son was 8 when he started on the Disetronics H-Tron pump.  We chose it 
because 1) saw it in action at a DM camp for kids.  An adult counselor wore 
it, even in the pool! 2) it is completely waterproof versus water resistant, 
and 3) it comes with the FREE back-up pump which is like having that extra 
insurance in case something goes wrong with the primary.  That way you don't 
have to go back on shots while the pump gets fixed or replaced, even if for a 

  And as time goes on there will be newer and 'better' pumps being introduced 
by all of the companies.  Each  person will have a chance to 'upgrade' to 
something new as time goes on.  

  I feel that ANY pump is better than NO pump.  And Jim, don't forget to get 
the book, PUMPING INSULIN, by John Walsh and read it!!!!  This is considered 
the BIBLE of pumping!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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