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[IP] Protocol for D diagnosis?

My father went to a nephrologist because he had shown signs of decreased
kidney function.  One of the tests they did was a blood sugar test.  It came
back 170 (this was mid-morning at least one hour after breakfast.)  I could
not believe it when my mom told me that they "think he has diabetes" but that
they were going to wait a month and do another test.  I have a BIG problem
with this.  I think that waiting a month is not right.  A month with high
blood sugars can cause problems.  In the past the term borderline diabetic was
used often to describe people.  But, to me, who has lived with D for 15 years,
you either have it or you don't and you treat accordingly.
I assume that he will be a type 2.  He has been through a lot lately (cancer,
manieres (sp?), enlarged prostate, decreased kidney func) so I'm afraid that
not knowing for a month (for him) is acceptable.
It is not, however, for me.
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