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[IP] Vitamins

>>>>>Jennifer said:
 Also on the suppliments and herbals, they are not regulated well and in our
food science classes, there were experiments on some of the bigger name

Some were found to have none of the suppliment in the capsules at all. only
the fillers.  So it seems they could say there's so much of a product in the
tablets but you may get a fraction-if any of that product. Tests need to be
stricter about the content of this junk.<<<<<<<

We do need much more testing and regulating of these vitamins and
supplements.  Consumer Reports did a study on most used vitamins and
minerals and the most popular brands, GNC, Spring Valley (Walmart) and some
others from Health food stores.  They checked what was in it, if quantities
stated were correct, how well dissolved, etc., etc., AND they found the most
reliable on a continual basis was the Walmart brand, "Spring Valley".  I was
so blown away, cause I had been spending, when I had the money upwards of
$75 a month on vitamins.   I immediately switched to Spring Valley brand
with the same or better results.  

Every day I take:  Centrum, Vit C 1000 mg, Calcium 1200 mg (per my docs
instructions for osteoporosis ), Vit E, 800 mg, Multi B complex vit,
Magnesium, and one baby asprin.   My physician has frequently said, "keep
taking them".  

And hey, along with insulin, HRT, Pravachol, Clonzapam, Celebrex and those
potassium tabs, I feel about half my age (59) most days.   Looks like I
should buy stock in pharmaceuticals.....better living through chemistry. 
Bonnie Richardson
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