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[IP] New endo... the saga continues...

<Was your ob able to recommend a new endo??>
Faith asked me this.
Well, knowing what a wimp I can be at times, I decided to write my ob a letter telling him how I felt, why, and asking
for help getting in to see another endo. I was afraid I would just let it slide again without mentioning it, especially
since there is a new third partner in the ob office who I don't know as well.  Apparently he got the letter.  When I got
home from work yesterday there was a message on my machine saying that we would talk about it at my next visit, and that
he could try to get Dr. C (the doctor whose receptionist told me he wasn't taking new patients) to see me, "at least
during the pregnancy".  My first instinct was that I didn't want to bother with the switch if it couldn't be permanent,
especially if I'd then have to go back to my old Dr. in a few months, knowing he would have found out about my defection.
(His office is only yards from the new endo's in the same clinic)   I see Dr. Charming on Thursday.
My new thought is, I will do what I can to get in to see the new doc, then tell him flat out that if he doesn't want to
see me, I will be without an endo. Maybe that's blackmail, but I don't really see the point of seeing Dr. Charming
anyway.  He always just looks over my numbers, asks what I plan to do about them, then nods when I tell him. I could do
that myself for free without the bonus of being berated for my weight every time, or told that I shouldn't feel bad if I
have a miscarriage because sometimes these things just happen.
Really all he is good for is ordering blood tests and giving me prescriptions so that I can get the insurance to pay for
some things.  That, I can't do at home.

Man, I should have gone to med school.  Then I could have my own prescription pad.  I guess I could now, but I hear
that's a crime.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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