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[IP] Tungstate Improves Glucose Homeostasis in Diabetic Rats


WESTPORT, CT (Reuters Health) Feb 13 - Administration of sodium tungstate 
markedly reduces glycemia in a rat model of type 2 diabetes, Spanish 
researchers report in the January issue of Diabetes.

Dr. Joan J. Guinovart from Universitat de Barcelona and colleagues have 
previously shown that tungstate lowers blood glucose levels in rats made 
insulin deficient to simulate type 1 diabetes. In the current study, the 
researchers administered tungstate orally to 7.5-week-old Zucker diabetic 
fatty rats, which are "considered the closest available rat model to human 
type 2 diabetes associated with obesity."

The animals had begun to show hyperglycemia, and the treatment temporarily 
reversed this for about 10 days. Glucose levels then rose again but stabilized 
at about 200 mg/dL at day 24. In contrast, the glucose level of untreated rats 
rose to a maximum value of 450 mg/dL.

Tungstate treatment caused serum triglyceride levels to fall by 42%, and 
normalized hepatic concentrations of glucose-6-phosphate. The researchers also 
found that the treatment led to 55% higher glycogen levels in the liver 
compared with untreated diabetic or healthy rats. Treatment did not cause a 
significant change in phosphotyrosine-modified proteins in cultured 
hepatocytes from diabetic animals.

"These data suggest that tungstate administration to Zucker
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