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At 06:50 pm 2/22/01 email @ redacted wrote:
 >i decided to do a couple tests right after each other in separate fingers as
 >recommended...... this is what i got, all within ONE MINUTE of each other:
 >119, 126, 111, 137, 115, 111, 116
 >now, in my opinion, 111 to 137 is a BIG difference (26 points)..... for
 >someone who is testing for carb ratios and adjustment ratios, this can cause
 >someone to give an extra half unit or something as it would me....... maybe
 >even more for others!

You have to take the readings of any home BG meter with a grain of salt. 
None of them are going to give the relatively consistent readings of 
laboratory equipment. The readings that you show, average out to about 119. 
The differences were 15% above your average, to 7% below your average. 
That's well within the accuracy limits of any of these meters. I'd wager 
that if you ran the same test with just about any other meter, that you'd 
get similar types of results.  That's why the inserts that come with these 
machines warn you not to make major changes in your therapy based on short 
term BG test results.

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