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[IP] Re: Help With Birthday Party

When Sara was younger I called the parent of the birthday boy/girl and asked
what was on the menu and the time they planned to eat. I explained, as
simply as possible, that we had to plan ahead so Sara could enjoy the party.
Sara and I then planned the appropriate boluses for each food and made up a
card that went in her pocket or "insulin/glucometer" bag. I included
appropriate sliding scales for blood glucose checks pre-meal. Sara usually
knew all of this anyway, unless a food was unusual. Most often this gourmet
menu includes the obligatory pizza, chips, cake and ice cream. You know,
everything that messes up blood glucoses hours later...such fun. The card
just made me feel better. I actually don't think Sara used it, but I was
The first thing I did learn was to stick a can or two of diet soda in with
her stuff when she was younger. Some hosts just do not think to serve diet
anything if their family is not used to serving it, or will serve juice
because it is healthier. This way Sara was sure to only have  noncarb
drinks, but could be apart of the group too
Second, never, ever trust the adult hosting the party to help care for your
child. Even if they swear they can and will do it. The best of intentions
can go awry when they are hearding a dozen young, screaming, sugar loaded
Third, check the blood glucose when leaving home to have a solid baseline to
work from. If you think he may forget to check during the party have him
call you at home to report. It is an easy way to help him remember there is
something he has to do. If you do not get a call, you know he forgot. You
then do the mom thing and call him.
In all honesty, once we got the pump birthday parties became very easy. I
was fortunate that Sara never felt uncomfortable checking her blood glucose
in front of friends. At most parties it became part of the entertainment.
Hope your son enjoys the festivities.
Pamela, mom to Sara,14, diagnosed at 8, pumping two.
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