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ok, i got an ultra meter today and for some reason i'm just not comfortable 
with it.... i guess i have to adapt my mind to thinking it's okay...... but 
this is my worry:
i decided to do a couple tests right after each other in separate fingers as 
recommended...... this is what i got, all within ONE MINUTE of each other:
119, 126, 111, 137, 115, 111, 116
now, in my opinion, 111 to 137 is a BIG difference (26 points)..... for 
someone who is testing for carb ratios and adjustment ratios, this can cause 
someone to give an extra half unit or something as it would me....... maybe 
even more for others!
i called LifeScan and they did the regular, walked me through the control, 
etc.  the lady said they allow for a 19% differential between tests done 
right after each other.  that makes me nervous.....
the other numbers were pretty consistent, but this is where it gets 
tricky.....LOL  i did a few tests on my fast take and they differed just the 
same but not as much..... but then i did one on my profile which was like 
150!!!!!!  my best bet i guess would be to leave the profile alone.... maybe 
that's why i'm nervous with such a small amt of blood for the ultra.... i'm 
used to that big ol' drop for the profile.....
so again, how many of you are comfortable using the new Ultra machine and how 
many of you use the Fast Take???????????
thanks...... and also, do you think this is normal or have you experienced 
the same things??????  i'm just a bit nervous!!!!!!
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