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Re: [IP] airline travel

In a message dated 2/22/01 7:44:52 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< In a few weeks we are traveling to the Caribbean and I was wondering what 
 needs to be done to the pump to adjust for changes in cabin pressure.  I 
 remember something about adding a syringe full of air to the bottles of 
 insulin, but I can't remember if that's right?  >>

I've never done anything to my pump (a MM) when I travel. As for the insulin 
bottle, I make sure Elvis is freshly filled before I leave so I don't have to 
change him on the plane. (sorry -- couldn't resist)

This, however, seems to be a good time to address another question that keeps 
cropping up about traveling with a pump: Will you be stopped because of your 

On a recent trip to Europe, I decided that I was tired of fighting seatbelts 
to dig Elvis out of a side pocket or off my waistband to bolus for meals, so 
... I wore a dress with breast pockets. Elvis was tucked into one pocket with 
the tubing clearly showing as it snaked out from between two buttons and into 
aforementioned pocket.

Nothing was said. Not as I went through security checks, passport control, 
-- nowhere. Not at any of the four airports I was in. At no time either 
coming or going. And that was with clearly showing tubing and very lumpy left 
breast (pocket).  

>From here on out, Elvis rides up front!

Jan and Elvis
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