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Re: [IP] Vitamins and supplements for us Ds

I agree with what Roxanne and Natalie have said.

Any herb that's powerful enough to do you good is also
powerful enough to do you harm -- just like a manu-
factured drug. A lot of stuff has been coming out recently 
about the ways that St. John's Wort interferes with the 
actions of other drugs, for example.

As for vitamins, my guideline is never to take a supplement 
that contains more than the recommended daily allowance 
of a vitamin. I take supplements of several vitamins and 
minerals (just took 600mg of calcium with my lunch, which
is 60% of the RDA). But some days, I eat a certain nutrition 
bar before my trip to the gym. This bar is fortified (it's basi-
cally a low fat candy bar with a vitamin pill in it). On days 
when I eat this bar, I don't take my regular supplements. It's 
possible to OD on vitamins, especially the fat-soluable ones.

/Janet L.

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