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[IP] Re: MMremote

I have noticed many people do not like the remote and feel that it depletes
the batteries faster. I use the remote when I am outside in the winter with
the pump buried under several layers of clothes. I have not found the pump
batteries to have any different life than without. It is not realistic as
the pump is merely the receiver and the remote itself is the transmitter.
The audio feature draws very little power and if you change the batteries
every month, as suggested you will never notice the difference. I find it
very convenient . As for the distance I can't hold it farther than I can
reach so unless you need it to remote control a kid it is fine as well.
There will always be a give and take. it would increase the size of the pump
in order to accommodate the extra receive capacity. It is easy to make a
tiny low power transmitter, we ham radio addicts do it all the time. However
it is impossible to receive the signal without an antenna that is VERY large
and I mean anywhere from a simple wire (strung from house to the trees) or
very elaborate towers. If our pumps had the ability to receive from across
the room then they would also be at risk of receiving un -wanted emissions
from all the rest of the things people use to communicate with. As for the
remote I would not have a pump without it. It is real convenient knowing
that I can insulate it without having to pull it out even below zero. Last
weekend I took a friends dog team out for for a run and took a bolus with my
remote. I also suspended the basil a couple times when I had to run along
the sled up hills and in deep snow. I would have had to stop every time, and
it ain't no fun stopping a dog team when all they want to do is get up and
go!!!   Diabetes is what took my ability to race and with the pump/remote
all that is missing  is a way to monitor my bg at cold temps. None of the
meters let alone strips can handle 30 degrees much less 30 below. And to
make it worse it doesn't interest any of the manufacturers in the least. I
have e-mailed them all and all I get is " go inside and warm up the meter
before you test. I guess they expect me to pull over at the Yukon river
Hilton and get a room. The watch would work for me if they would ever get
the thing to market I will give it a try.

Ken Weldon
Chugiak Alaska
mm 508 10 months 10 days 2 hours yee haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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