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[IP] Addendum

Also on the suppliments and herbals, they are not regulated well and in our
food science classes, there were experiments on some of the bigger name

Some were found to have none of the suppliment in the capsules at all. only
the fillers.  So it seems they could say there's so much of a product in the
tablets but you may get a fraction-if any of that product. Tests need to be
stricter about the content of this junk.

Unfortunately, we are bombarded by health care costs which are so obscene in
many cases we grab at any straw to try to save a buck, or to cure something
which cannot be cured.

It is desperation on which these vultures feed. Our bodies get so much more
from the food we eat instead of pills. The pills, by the time we've broken
them down in our systems are fairly much nullified.

I'm IDDM, eat red meat, fish veg and fruits. I take no vitamins or
suppliments, haven't had a 'flu shot (and haven't had the 'flu) for the last
12 years.... Must be charmed or doing something right.

Jenny Sutherland
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