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[IP] cigarettes

Now, smoking is bad for the lungs and can increase risks for cardio disease
and cancer etc etc but nicotine in itself is a drug and does have benefits.
It's the individual who has to decide what's best for them.  All this is
part of the puzzel as to why smokers have such a hard time quiting when
they know it's overall bad for their health.

One thing is for certain.  Cigarettes contrain more than just "nicotine".
nicotine in itself is just another mild drug, no different than coffee
except for the detructive induction techiques and quanitites of the drug
the addiction requires.

This is not a medical opinion; just what i've read.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
// spot says aye me boy! cigarretes + good lungs= bad lungs
cigarretes + alcohol  cancer of the larynx and/or esophagus
cigarettes+ diabetes=coronary artery disease and heart attack
cigarettes+bad genes=cancer
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