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Re: [IP] New sites and fun night time leg cramps!

In a message dated 2/22/01 8:19:51 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  have heard other pregnant women talk about this.  Anyone know a good thing 
> to
> prevent it??  I've heard drink more water, get more calcium, and get more 
> potassium.  Any
> other suggestions or certainties?  I think I scared my husband half to 
> death at 3AM when he

i dont think it only happens to pregnant women........ as all of you probably 
know, when the sugar is high they usually happen to from the electrolyte 
imbalance, mainly pottasium i think....... could be sodium too, but i'm not 
eat some bananas which i'm sure you already know...... but what i'm getting 
at is there is a vitamin with a weird name that for the life of me *again* i 
can't remember but maybe someone would know...... it's specifically for 
potassium and leg cramps but it is not just potassium in a pill which i'm not 
sure they even make....... it's something different, may even be just a herb 
or something........ hopefully someone will know what i'm talking about  :O)
take care........ 
btw, when it happens--and i know this hurts--try standing on a cold floor if 
you can move.........
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