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[IP] New sites and fun night time leg cramps!

Well, I finally got up the courage again to try a site other than my stomach, which of
course is getting rounder every day and rapidly depleting  my site area. I always used to
leave sites in for 3 days, but the last several weeks I've only been able to go 2 days.  For
one thing, the tummy sites start to feel uncomfortable, and I also run out of insulin.
Since I'm taking more insulin now, I can't fit a full three day supply in the reservoir, and
I like to only change my tubing at night after a shower.  I don't like to worry with it
before work when I am usually already running late. I know you can change the site and
reservoir independently, but that leaves me with uneven numbers of things, and I'd just
rather do it all at one time when possible.
Anyway, after my shower last night I tried the ol' upper tushy site. Surprisingly, it seemed
to sting more going in with the softsets than my tummy usually does, but it wasn't bad.  I
even managed to tape it myself.  It's not the prettiest taping job I've ever seen, but it
seems to be holding. I never knew I was so good one handed!!
--My other topic:  The last two nights I've been awakened with very painful cramps in my
calf.  I have heard other pregnant women talk about this.  Anyone know a good thing to
prevent it??  I've heard drink more water, get more calcium, and get more potassium.  Any
other suggestions or certainties?  I think I scared my husband half to death at 3AM when he
heard me moaning and whining.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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