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Re: [IP] Help with Birthday Party (Asap?)


This is just my personal opinion and I do not have a young child with
diabetes, however I would allow him to bolus himself to cover what he eats but
do it at some percentage lower than his normal coverage (i.e. if he normally
takes 1 unit for 30 grams carb, maybe have him go 1:40 or 1:45 while you
aren't there). You will have him calling you at 3 pm so that should allow you
to adjust him if necessary, but it sounds like he knows his diabetes pretty
well and will probably handle it just fine. Will there be any other adults
there besides the hostess? If so, you might want to engage them to jot down
what your son takes while there and let you know when you pick him up (just to
make sure he doesn't get caught up in the excitement and forget to take a
bolus when he should). Good luck, this won't be easy but he will likely do
just fine.

Todd Merkle
email @ redacted
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