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[IP] Scuba Diving

I was diabetic for 18 years when I learned to dive. This was back in the
dark ages when doctors didn't want you to do anything, but sit in a corner
and breath. There was a physical involved, but couldn't find a doc that
would clear me, so I just never got a doctor's note. I became open water
certified and dove up until 1992, when I stopped for other reasons. I was
doing injections at the time and I would lower my regular insulin dose by
half. Depending on the dive(s) would also lower my NPH slightly. I would eat
some extra carbs before diving and actually let my BG go a little higher
then normal. Pressure never bothered me, went to 110 feet many times. Stress
never seemed to bother me because I felt very comfortable in the water, in
my training and with the person(s) I was diving with. Every one was aware of
my diabetes and I kept very close monitoring on dive days.

I think it is an individuals choice and self confidence in one's ability
that should preclude you from diving. The will be people who shouldn't do it
at all and there will always come a time to quit. It was the most beautiful
and calming place on earth for me. I regret I had to stop, but I will never
regret doing it and enjoyed every dive I went on.


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