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[IP] Changing Endos

My endo retired and I had to find a new one to help with the pump.  I chose 
one and she was kind of new to the job.  I could see her going down the hall 
to consult with another endo.  Anyway, there were  3 of us middle aged men 
starting pump therapy.  My first pumping lesson was weeks away.  My new endo 
wanted me to change my insulin delivery until then.  For 30 years I had taken 
N and H at suppertime.  She, under his advice, changed me to H at supper and 
N later on at night.  I tried it for a week and didn't like it so I went back 
to my old way.  The other guys were not changed.  That is my first gripe.  By 
the way, my last 2 A1Cs were 7.6.  My new endo was away so her advisor was in 
charge of setting my basals, etc.  On the very first day of pumping insulin, 
the day I switched from saline, my BG was over 200 before lunch.  I added the 
bolus they recommended.  I did it in the garage before my 20 minute drive 
home.  When I got home I was still high, so I bolused a little more.  We were 
keeping records of bolus and carbs and I dutifully handed in what I had done 
to the person instructing us on pumping.  This new endo came right into the 
room where we were being instructed and said he had to talk to me.  He 
immediately started yelling at me.  "You could run into a tree!"  And this , 
"Do You understand me?"  I told him I had been taking insulin for 44  years.  
"You've been doing it wrong for 44 years!".  I asked for a new endo the next 
day.  What a jerk!  
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