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[IP] How long does it take???

>Kelly was asking how long does it take for good bs numbers to show an effect
>on your HA1c.

I remember reading on childrenwithdiabetes.com that they now think the a1c may
actually only cover a 4-6 week period. I am trying to find out where it is so
I can post the link.

Here are my past 3 a1cs...

12/08/00  12.6 (just after diagnosis...this was probably an average of normal
and 500s)
01/03/01    8.2
02/07/01    5.1

Note: I am not using the pump yet. The last number (5.1) is the result of
several lows. I am still in my honeymoon period and every 1-2 weeks all of the
sudden my insulin needs change...my pancreas starts working, I start having
hypos, and we have to cut back a few more units of insulin.
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