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Re: [IP] scuba diving

> In a message dated 2/21/01 4:38:03 PM Central Standard Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > she needs carbs even without the pump at all but for SCUBA, 
> > 
> i heard it is something to do with the pressure under water..... i
> was going to go scuba diving one time on vacation awhile ago and one
> of the questions by the instructor was if anyone had diabetes.....
> when i said "i do," he said i couldn't go :O( talk about
> upset....... one of the many times i dreaded this "condition." xoxo
> gina

I don't think the pressure has anything to do with it. SCUBA diving 
is very strenuous and can be a tad stressfull as well. During Lily's 
other athletic endeavors we've seen bg's go both up and down. Usually 
when the task is very physically demanding AND she has not snacked 
recently or is a little high (read cautious here), there appears not 
to be enough free insulin in the blood stream to accomodate the 
physical demands for energy -- you know the rest -- you get high.

The business about not diving when you are diabetic is written into 
the national standard for all the diving schools. Diving is 
contraindicated because of the severe consequences should you get low 
while underwater. That doesn't mean you can't do it, it just means it 
entails a much higher degree of risk for a person with diabetes. 
You must absolutely be in good control and be aware of the risks. 
When Lily dives, I generally go also or she goes with someone who is 
keenly aware that she can get into trouble if she gets hypo. She and 
the rest of us carry glucose gel in tubes with us at all times so if 
she even feels a little twitchy, she can carb up. This has never 
occurred, but it sure does not hurt to be prepared. SCUBA is one of 
those sports that seems relatively harmless and easy. I've been 
diving for 30 years or so and was certified as an instructor in the 
80's. I've had my share of underwater emergencies with failed 
equipment, getting trapped or tangled, etc..... adding the 
possibility of a hypo to this sort of thing must be done with a great 
deal of thought and careful planning for EACH dive.

email @ redacted
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