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Re: [IP] Waiting....

> I get the digest version of IP and perhaps I missed it, but I'm
> still waiting to see Michael's reply to the mom whose 17 y/o dtr was
> dx'd 6 yrs. ago and is a swimmer and going to college next fall but
> is kind of leery of getting a pump. I think his reply will be
> interesting. (~_^)

I replied privately. Lily used to be on swim team so I just related 
Lily's experiences. I did forget to mention that Lily also SCUBA 
dives. The difference being that for swim practice her bg's always go 
down and she needs carbs even without the pump at all but for SCUBA, 
bg's seem to always go up -- go figure. Anyway, the last couple of 
times she bolused a little extra before going in the water and 
nervous nellie dad watched her like a hawk (gulp). It helped, but she 
still had relatively high bg's after the dive.

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