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Re: [IP] awaiting pump with questions

> Next week I will start the training for my pump.  Currently, I am
> taking insulin every time I eat. I experience high blood sugar one
> hour after I eat (250-350) and then 3 hours after I eat I am low
> (40-70).

Based only on your remarks above, it sounds like you need to take 
your insulin earlier before the meal and that the dose is too high. 
Even if the timing is off, several hours after the meal, your bg's 
should return to normal if the insulin matches the carbs consumed and 
your carb/insulin ratio is correct. I'd suggest a chat with the 
dietician or CDE at your endo's office. There is more information on 
how this measurement is done and ratio adjustments in the book 
Pumping Insulin as well as on the web site.

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