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Re: [IP] Trusting your doc

This problem is one I fortuneatly have not had to experience.  I have a
great endo she always calls back whitin 10-15min when I have a problem no
matter what time of the day or night case in point last night I had many
bubbles in my tubing and couldn't seem to prime them out, I had an extended
bolus running which stopped when I tried to prime out the bubbles I called
the office at about 7pm and was talking to the Dr by 7:15 she proceeded to
talk me through what I should do and how much more I should set the extended
bolus for, I felt bad for bothering her with something I could probably
eventually figured out on my own and told her so and got the responce "thats
what I'm here for" I wish all Dr's as well as insurance co's would practice
this way.

Just my rant sorry
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> I find it incredibly sad and frustrating that so
> many of us feel that we can't trust our doctors.
> I've felt this way myself, and I wish there were
> something we could do about it. It is a really
> terrible state of affairs when we feel so intimi-
> dated and unrespected that we're tempted to lie or
> hide information.
> /Janet L.
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