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[IP] Re: Children with Type2

Yes, there are many children being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes this past
couple years.   Here in Manitoba, Canada the Government has just funded 2.5
million dollars into research for this in Aboriginal children.  The government
has committed over 12 million for the research across Canada.  Hopefully this
will trickle down in some way to help our kids too...

Apparently the Aboriginal population is showing up with type2 more now due to
the poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles they have.  (I do know of what
I speak as we taught on a Reserve for 5 years...) Anyway, these kids are being
diagnosed in epidemic proportions. I have not heard of any non-aboriginal kids
at least here in my province that are type 2 yet.

If anyone wants the article on this that was in our paper let me know and I
can search archives for it.  In fact, I wrote the reporter a nasty letter
about the article as she just referred to the "diabetes epidemic in children"
instead of clearly identifying it as TYPE 2!  That is one thing that really
gets me riled up! Then I have people reading these articles thinking my son
"got diabetes" from eating junk food as a baby! (You guys KNOW what I am

So there you go...
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