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Re: [IP] Re: How long does it take???

> Note: this HA1c was judged to be too poor, thus we
> were not considered good 
> pump candidates.  They believe you have to be well
> controlled first.  We are 
> off to a new Endo this week-keep your fingers
> crossed, please.

I worked with an endo that was like  that and every
time he would see me he would say " Do this for 6
months and we will put you on a pump..." My parents
made me stay with him and go through that for 7 years.
I changed endo's 6 Days before I turned 17.  I was in
the hospital getting my new pump the day before my
He said I had been working and following drs orders
long enough to show that I would in the future.

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        --Bruce Lee 1940-1973
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