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[IP] Re: How long does it take???

Kelly was asking how long does it take for good bs numbers to show an effect 
on your HA1c.
When we returned to Canada, my daughter's first HA1c was 11 (done by 
fingerprick).  She returned to the hospital 3 weeks later for a follow-up 
appointment, where she had other bloodwork done, taken from a vein, so she 
and I had to be prepared first with Ametop cream (like EMLA) etc.  We didn't 
have the HA1C done again, as it hadn't been ordered, and the routine is that 
we go right to the lab first, before seeing the doctor.  But the doctor was 
disappointed that it wasn't redone, as she said that any improvements would 
have been visible with a HA1C test 3 weeks on.
Note: this HA1c was judged to be too poor, thus we were not considered good 
pump candidates.  They believe you have to be well controlled first.  We are 
off to a new Endo this week-keep your fingers crossed, please.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, hoping to be pumping soon.
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