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[IP] Sets

>Sorry to tell you but the Sets for MM and Disetronic are the exact same 
>except for the Name on the box.

Thanks for the suggestions Sylvia!!!  Brian, I realize they are
interchangable-what I should have elaborated on is that we use the Tenders
and am thinking about using the soft sets from MM-they aren't the same are
they???  I thought the soft sets (or is it the sillouettes?) go straight in
and still detach from the pump?  The tenders are long, straight needles
that have to be put in at an angle and I was wanting to try a set that goes
straight in and yet still detaches.  I think if we had a set that goes in
that way would be less of a problem for our son.  The new sets from D is
supposed to be just like the MM ones in that regard so I wasn't sure if I
should wait for those to come next month or just go ahead and try to switch
now.  I think I will just call the MM rep and get some samples and see what

Amy and Riley-5.5 yrs (dx'd 7-1-99 &pumping 5-30-)
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