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[IP] Trusting your doc

I find it incredibly sad and frustrating that so 
many of us feel that we can't trust our doctors. 
I've felt this way myself, and I wish there were 
something we could do about it. It is a really 
terrible state of affairs when we feel so intimi-
dated and unrespected that we're tempted to lie or 
hide information.

/Janet L.
It is indeed a sad commentary on the medical profession these days.
I always trusted my doc and felt I could tell her anything but i know you
are right and your opinion is the one which most of us hold. I think that
some f this may be a result of the current unraveling of the profession by
the government and insurers, "the phrase halthcare provider" is
particularly bad, when some pimple faced insurance clerk uses the phrase
provider, my office manager used to ask her if she called her doctor
"provider Smith" it certainly denotes an attempt by hmos and government to
trivialize the role of the doctor when the relationship breaks down janet,
i think a little personalization needs to be  applied, not i selected you
out of my book because you are in my plan
buy i need your expetise. unfortunately for docs who want t ppractice as
empathetic personally interested doctors there is not much inducement. I
was always fortunate in that i never had to join an hmo or participate in
medicare so i could practicr th way i wanted to. spot
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