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Re: [IP] re: First 4 days on pump

In a message dated 2/21/01 9:50:25 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi all, four days of near normal bg's already!!! After 39 yrs with
> rollercoaster bgs, this is a miracle :-)
> Still plotting out a strategy with my health care nurse. Turns out I'm
> very sensitive to Humalog.... a little seems to go a very long way in my 
> case.
> One question...did any of you feel sick (flu like symptoms, headache)
> when you first started using the pump? I felt just awful yesterday and
> it was my best bgs ever! My rep thinks it might be because I'm not used

we sound like twins here.......LOL  i have been pumping for 6 days now and 
haven't had sugars like this in years!!!!!!!!!!!  i am also very sensitive to 
humalog and have been testing about 12-15x/day to get a really good 
understanding of what's going on and when  :O)  
i have found that when my sugars were under 150 all day yesterday WHICH HASNT 
HAPPENED IN 18 YEARS, i felt kind of nauseous at first and had a terrible 
headache!!!!!!!!  i think it's 'cause we just arent used to it and i'm sure 
it will go away as it finally did for me later in the day!
glad to hear it's helping someone as much as it's helping me right off the 
keep us posted!
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