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Re: [IP] Good control effect on A1C's

Liz wrote: 
> Is there any particular reason you're feeling rushed
> to get quick results?

My last A1C was 9 and I want to get it down--as fast
as possible.  Also, I am trying to show my insurance
that a new pump would help my control because it has
the option of 2 basal patterns and I go on the loaner
on Friday.  They are going to do a A1c with a protable
machine and then another test in 3 months.
I am just excited I guess to finally have better
control.  Even though my glyco was 9.0 last time I had
only been checking my sugars and trying to control
them for about a month.  The glyco before was 10.4
and I was wondering if that had caused it to drop that
much lower in only a month, what would it be like now?

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