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Re: [IP] Site suggestions


 My son Joshua is just 9 y.o, dxd at 5.5 and has been using the Dis H-Tron 
for over a year (sort of).  Anyway, we started out using the Tenders and 
hated it.  I was never sure I had the angle right, and it was very painful 
for Josh  during the insertion.  He is VERY skinny!  We also had trouble with 
the sites sticking.  So Josh actually came off the pump for about 3 months to 
allow his tummy to heal.  We are now using MMs Sof-Sets with their insertion 
device and using Mastisol liquid adhesive and LOVING LIFE!!!!  These sets 
barely hurt him on insertion, he will even let me use the top part of his 
hiney now and the adhesive will not let loose, even in the hot tub!!!  And 
the serter makes MY life so much easier during insertion.  It's quick and 
easy.  Contact MM and ask for some free samples of their sof-sets and if you 
tell them it is for a young child they will most likely send you the serter 
for free.  They did me!!!

  I also belong to another on-line support group for families with DM kids.  
My friend started it up last year and it is really taking off.  It is a place 
to talk kid specific, ask questions, VENT...whatever.  If you or anyone else 
is interested contact me personally:   email @ redacted   and I will be glad 
to send you a personal invitation.

Good Luck and keep us all informed!

mom to Joshua
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