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[IP] Site suggestions

I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading all the great stuff on this
list-you guys have no ideal just how much this list is quoted on my
childrenwithdiabetes mailing list!!!!:O) I haven't posted in like forever
because I am so busy homeschooling and the kids etc.  I always feel pretty
bad when the fundraiser email comes to me because I am also one who can't
afford to donate at this time (hoping that will change when dh gets out of
school in Dec 2001!!!).  We just found out that his work had him down for
"ten" dependants on his W-4 so they haven't been holding out nearly enough
money all year!!!!:O(  UGH!!!  We have 4 children but we are still looking
at owing at least $2000 probably AND we are going to loose money every
month when dh corrects the W-4 so we will not only owe but we can't afford
to pay!!!!!  I do have a q about sites here.  We use the D pump (still
waiting for the new one!!!<G>) and the Tenders-we have so many site
problems with these.  They are constantly getting clogged with blood,
sometimes it looks like bits of fat?  The worse part is it gets crimped
either in his skin or right at the hub forming an "A" looking crimp!!!!
This is SO frustrating for us-I hate going through sites every 1-2 days!!!!
 I'm thinking about trying the MM sites on him and seeing how that works, I
can't decide whether I should hold out untill D gets their new sites (which
has been promised since last June!!!!) in March or just go ahead and
switch?  For anyone who is using the MM-do you have site problems with them
as well?  Oh, maybe I should re-introduce myself!!!  Sorry!!!!:O)  I'm Amy
(29) SAHM, married to Justin (29)-Computer Science professor and full-time
student!!!!  We live in So. Florida and have 4 children: Tyler-8, Riley-5.5
yrs (dx'd w/T1 7-1-99 & pumping 5-30-00), Mason-3.4 yrs, Cailin Rose-23 mos.

Take care everyone!!!
Amy & Riley (dx'd T1 7-1-99 & pumping 5-30-00)
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