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[IP] Re: Rebates on meters

>I sure wouldn't take a *think so* from anyone unless I read the rebate form
>for myself where it bans ins. from paying. What does Therasense care who pays
>for the strips - they'll get their $$ anyway. Only those who will use their
>strips will want the meter and if the ins. pays for the strips - well, I just
>don't get it. Bottom line: Check the fine print on the form. Or, call

Actually, I called Therasense first, that is how I found out about the
Walgreens offer. The Therasense people told me that since Walgreens is
running the promotion, it is up to Walgreens whether or not to allow you
to use insurance to pay for the strips. Therasense already got their $$$
for the meters and strips when Walgreens bought them. Thus, Walgreens is
the one losing money by giving out free meters (although they may have
also gotten some discount on the meters or strips from Therasense since
Therasense is obviously also gaining from the promotion). Walgreens can
offset this loss by gaining new customers through the promotion, and/or
by the extra profit they make by selling more strips. Since Walgreens
may have "arrangements" with some insurance companies, they may receive
less $ by accepting payment for strips from the insurance company than
if they charge the consumer for the strips, resulting in less profit on
the strips.

Since I only talked to the Walgreens pharmacist on the phone, I was not
able to see any actual "rebate form" or "coupon" to read the fine print.
The pharmcist said the only way to find out whether we could use
insurance was to come in to the store and run it through the computer
with our insurance info, but he said that so far he has never had any
"buy the strips, get the meter" deal go through successfully with
insurance. In any case, since Shane has decided he is not interested in
a Freestyle, I didn't go to the store to find out whether it would go
through or not, but thought others on this list might be interested in
knowing of the offer. If anyone else does go get a Freestyle with this
offer, perhaps they would be kind enough to let us know whether they
were able to use insurance.

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