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[IP] fund raising drive

Hostile, sanctimonious, condescending . . .
These are just some of the words that come to mind as I read the posts of 
some of our more aggressive fundraisers.  Thank-you Michael and all the other 
volunteers for the contributions of your valuable time as well as personal 
resources.  But I've got to say, some of the posts out there don't make we 
want to jump on the donation band wagon - they make me want to leave the 
group.  And I have made a donation, it's not that I cannot.  But I am sure 
there are people who cannot do so.  We don't know their position and we 
cannot judge them.  Most of us, I am sure, do own computers.  But the site 
can also be accessed from work, friends computers and even most libraries now 
have access.  Maybe many of us do blow $10.00 a month on stupid things.  But 
to some, food for the children, clothes on their backs, a reward of a movie - 
these may be some of the things they are "blowing" their money on.  Let's 
keep our arms open to welcome all - not crossed to keep others out.
Thanks for listening,
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