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[IP] humulog vs regular insulin

Susan wrote:
><< > Thats because Humalog actually peaks in 2 hours. It *starts* working in
 >I've been told it peaks in one hour.

Actually this is highly variable. For me Humalog peaks in about 3 hours. 
The charts you see from Lilly are probably just statistical averages. That 
means that there will be a lot of people on either side of the average.

Humulog is regular insulin where two amino acids on the B chain are flipped
in position Lispro Lysine and proline. probably this interchange of amino
acids makes the insulin foldable so it can enter cells more quickly. the
rest of the peptide chains are the same. they behave like regular insulin.
they last just as long, 8 hours and they work the same way. in addition the
c-peptide fragment is programmed out of the insulin. keep in mind that the
residual insulin rule is a big deal if you are insulin sensitive, it is
still there and still working spot
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