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[IP] Virus Alert

I have just received 3 Snow White virus infected messages from 3 different 
members within the last 30 minutes. Everyone really needs to have an 
up-to-date virus program running in the background, if they are going to be 
on the Internet. It's not only for your own protection, but for the 
protection of everyone you correspond with.

Another important message is that it is dangerous to click on attachments 
no matter who they came from. The best advice is to scan any attachment 
before opening it. Even then, you are taking a chance every time. Another 
good policy is to ask your correspondents to verify that they've knowingly 
sent you an attachment. Viruses are sent out automatically, behind the 
scenes and are usually totally unknown by the person that sent it to you.


Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
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