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Re: [IP] Daily total insulin usage for the preggers lady

Sherry Compton wrote:

> When I last saw my ob/gyn he asked me how many units per day I was up to.  He said as long as I
> was staying under 100 units that was fine. My basals have almost doubled in some parts of the day now that I'm in the middle of
> month 6, and my carb ratios have increased as well.  I am getting awfully close to that 100 unit mark.  Does anyone know why it
> would matter, though?  If it takes that much insulin for me to have the correct bg's, what would be the alternative?  I don't think
> any type of oral medication would work on me as a type 1, would it?? Does anyone know what the significance of my daily totals
> are, or what I would do to lower them (other than stop eating completely)?

It's for sure that pregnancy increases insulin resistance, which is why
so many Type 2-to-be's get gestational diabetes. 

But since you KNOW that this will end when the baby is delivered, why
stress about it? Your single, solitary goal during pregnancy is to
protect the baby by keeping your BGs as normal as possible. 

They don't even give most oral meds to pregnant Type 2's for fear of
toxicity to the baby -- so you just use whatever amount of insulin you
need, and here's hoping for a beautiful healthy baby!!!!!


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