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[IP] RE: moochers

Ok, I think you folks that are reacting angrily to Bonnie's
original posting are MISSING THE POINT!  All of IP is basically
done on the back of one person!  And this is not his only job!

So think about it this way.  If you installed the dedicated lines
to handle all of the IP traffic (email, web site access, etc.) into
your house, bought 3 or 4 pc's to handle this traffic, and don't
forget the extra electricity and the monthly cost of those dedicated
lines.  Now are you starting to see the picture?  For several years
Michael has paid for the whole thing out of his own pocket and the
kindness of his heart.  When that was a membership of 25-30 people,
it was no big deal.  Now there are slightly more than 3,000 members
and it has become a huge job to manage all of the IP stuff and a
LARGE expense too.  What Michael does is ask for donations to help
pay for this expense.  After all, he can't keep running the same
machines forever....they do need upgraded occasionally (even if it
is to just fix something that breaks).

Maybe you do not agree with Bonnie and others implying that you
should pay, but then you are probably willing to pay ~$10K out of
your own pocket per year to start and maintain your own site.  Right?

The point that people are missing is that your donations help keep
this list going because at some point Michael will say "I can no
longer afford to pay for all of this" and pull the plug.  What then?
Many of us would be lost without the IP list, I know I would.  And
since I use it on a regular basis I have also been making occasional
donations to help with the expense of running IP.  Or I suppose the
other option would be to make it a mandatory "pay for use" site, but
I am sure Michael does not want to do this.

I would once again like to thank Michael for starting IP and for
maintaining it for all this time.  Also, a big thanks to all of the
volunteers that help Michael.

Ok, off my soap box....

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